XCaliber flow loop


Flow Center of Excellence features the XCaliber facility, located at the ‘Duurzaamheidsfabriek’ (‘Sustainability Factory’) in Dordrecht-NL.

The flow loop of the installation is built after the model of NMI’s EuroLoop (world’s largest and most accurate calibration site for industrial oil and gas meters) and FCoE closely cooperates with EuroLoop.

Dedicated to innovation and education

With the XCaliber, FCoE provides an innovative, but still easy accessible installation that can be tuned to the needs of its user. This makes XCaliber an interesting option for use in R&D projects where variable liquid flows are required.

XCaliber offers its users an innovative facility for various applications like:

  • exploratory dynamic testing of new flow meters (liquids),

  • testing equipment and concepts in a dynamic test environment, requiring variable and accurate managed/monitored flows at variable pressures (closed loop),

  • destructive testing in 'field test like' environment,
  • training and education in metrology, flow related equipment/concepts and applications,
  • demonstrating (new) products and concepts.


The loop of the XCaliber is made of stainless steel, applies water as liquid and features:

  • frequency modulated pump section with expansion tank and heat exchanger, connected to a

    heat recovery installation in the ‘Duurzaamheidsfabriek’,

  • reference section with flow control valve and three types of flow meters,

  • 2 MUT sections (‘meter under test’) in parallel configuration, 1 permanently equipped with 2 highly accurate reference meters for calibration purposes,
  • DCS / SCADA with operator interface.

For further information about the technical specifications we refer to our technical brochure, that can be downloaded here:

XCaliber Technical Specs - October 2017

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