It is our mission to bring innovation further, where possible bring interested parties together and with our easy accessible infrastructure facilitate projects.

Focus areas and topics

At FCoE we focus on the following areas / sectors of industry:

  • Metrology

  • Process industry
  • Maritime sector

Common denominators here are initiate, facilitate and therewith accelarte innovation in a dynamic flow / flow-control environment. FCoE also offers the opportunity for destructive testing in a 'field test like' environment.

Some projects we are involved with:


    • New flow meters and standards for calibration
    • Data (mining) & communication and diagnostics

    Process industry:

    • Process control
    • Process equipment

    Maritime sector:

    • Propulsion optimasation (Dynamic Maritime Test Facility)
    • Innovation in ship balancing (DSBU)

    Applied Flow Systems & Environments

    With the XCaliber installation we can provide variable, accurate managed/monitored flow conditions to facilitate innovation projects that require this dynamic environment for first (exploratory) concept an device testing under variable circumstances.


    FCoE always welcomes fresh input for our projects at hand and we will be glad to explore opportunities to assist with your ideas for new innovation projects, perhaps increase the opportunity to line up an interesting group of partners to face the challenge and/or facilitate your project(s) with our facilities, as we did for others.

    For more information and/or to explore how FCoE and XCaliber can add value to your innovation project(s) please contact FCoE (see below)


    Flow Center 
    Phone: +31 (0)78 6356102