About FCoE

The plans for a center of excellence for flow originated within EuroLoop. Parties involved recognized the need for a center dedicated to innovation and education, with a smaller and easy accessible flow loop. The idea was born for FCoE as a platform for flow and flow measurement related innovation and education, with XCaliber as the installation dedicated for that purpose.

A consortium was formed, with partners from both the business and the vocational education communities in the region Rijnmond/Drechtsteden. FCoE is initiated as a project, participating in the Dutch ‘Pieken in de Delta’ (PID) program, a program pursuing and supporting innovation and education. Although the PID project itself only runs until end of 2014, by that time it will have strongly launched FCoE and XCaliber, both then to be continued.

The operation of the XCaliber installation is managed by a foundation: ‘Stichting Flow Center’. Being a non for profit organization, this foundation aims to create and maintain the XCaliber installation as an easy accessible and flexible installation for its users, from both the business and educational communities and where possible, connected.

The XCaliber installation can be found at the ‘Duurzaamheidsfabriek’ in Dordrecht – NL.


Flow Center 
Phone: +31 (0)78 6356102
E-mail: info@flowcenter.nl