Flow Center of Excellence

Flow Center of Excellence (FCoE) provides a platform to support innovation, training and education where (liquid) flow is involved. This includes both Metrology, more particular flow measurment (liquids) in all its diversity, as well as products and applications in various sectors of industry, where a dynamic flow is the context, like the process industry and maritime sector.


Open innovation Center

FCoE offer, a.o. with the XCaliber flow loop, a safe, easy accessible 'real life like' open innovation environment and can bring a valuable contribution to innovation. For that we intensively cooperate with industry and research institutes to initiate, develop and realise innovation projects.


Some projects at hand, in various stages of execution or development:

  • Dynamic Maritime Test Facility (DMTF)
  • Dynamic Ship Balance Unit (DSBU)
  • PARADOX ('PRedictive Analytics and DiagnOstics at Fieldlab XCaliber')
  • VSL-CMC certification

Want to know more, contribute to running projects and/or want to explore opportunities for and/or execute innovation projects with us, please contact us at FCoE.

Facilitating R&DFacilitating R&D

FCoE features the XCaliber installation located in the 'Duurzaamheiudsfabriek' in Dordrecht-NL. The flow loop of the installation is built after the model of NMI’s EuroLoopthe world's largest and most sofisticated calibration facility for industrial oil and gas meters.  XCaliber is dedicated to innovation and education. With the XCaliber we provide an innovative, 'real world', however inert safe and easy accessible installation to facilitate R&D projects form industry and research institutes, related to various sectors of industry.

Training and Education

With the XCaliber installation, FCoE also offers a ‘real world’ practice environment for business (training and product demonstration) and for the vocational education in the region as well. For the latter, we bring metrology back in the curriculum for the students and try to connect these schools with the business environment, or even better students with companies, thus supporting the labour marker for (young) technical professionals.

Future Developments

At FCoE we continue to explore opportunities for XCaliber to deliver more or new added value to industry. This also means identifying and implementing new functionality in the XCaliber installation as well.


Flow Center 
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